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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 10 tails?

The ten tails is the most powerful tailed beast, and it is the father of all others. The first sage of the six paths sealed it inside himself, and when he was dying split it into the 1-9 tailed beasts and sealed its body into the moon. Check out the wiki for more! Categories: Character Question.

What is tails based on?

TAILS is based on Debian Linux. It’s a live system, which means it’s a bootable operating system which runs in the computer’s memory, rather than loading from the hard disk drive. It is aimed at preserving your privacy and anonymity. All outgoing connections are routed through the Tor network.

What does a wagging tail really mean?

A wagging tail indicates excitement or agitation. But whether the dog means it as an invitation to play, or to warn another dog or person to stay back, depends on other body language. A slowly wagging tail that curves down and back up into a "U" usually indicates a relaxed, playful dog.

What is heads or tails?

heads or tails. See more synonyms for heads or tails on noun. a gambling game in which a coin is tossed, the winner being the player who guesses which side of the coin will face up when it lands or is caught.

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