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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the T3 curl ID curling wand?

The T3 Curl ID is a 1.25-inch curling wand, so it can achieve most of the curly styles effortlessly. However, it does not give you different-sized barrels to fulfill all the styling needs.

What is the T3 curling iron from Whitey?

White body plus rose gold fittings, the T3 curl ID looks pretty similar to their SinglePass curling iron. And it also features the T3 digital buttons like they always did. When the power of this curling iron is off, the whole curling iron is very compact and beautiful. You won’t see any extra elements on this product.

What is the difference between the GHD T3 curl ID and GHD curling iron?

Although ghd’s curling iron can also change the temperature for you, the new T3 Curl ID can do more than that. Compared to the ghd curling irons, the T3 Curl ID allows you to input your hair profile so it can diagnose your hair to provide the most suitable setting.

What is the best curl wand for long hair?

Beauty Works Professional Styler The BeautyWorks Professional Styler is a miracle worker for those with really long hair or hair extensions. Not only is the wand itself beautiful, but its extra-long barrel allows you to easily wrap all of your hair around for a consistent curl.

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