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Frequently Asked Questions

How did T-Mobile deal with McAfee?

T-Mobile offered two free years of McAfee's ID Theft Protection Service to anyone who believed they may have been a victim of the hack. It also agreed to invest $150 million in improving its data security.

How can T-Mobile help customers affected by a data breach?

Cell phone carrier T-Mobile has rolled out new tools, including free identity protection services, to help customers affected by a large data breach. According to T-Mobile, criminals acquired the personal data of almost 50 million consumers.

What data was stolen from other T-Mobile customers?

The stolen data on other T-Mobile customers included their first and last names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license/ID information. However, their phone numbers, account numbers, PINs, passwords, and financial information were not compromised, the company said.

Was T-Mobile part of the Metro breach?

Metro by T-Mobile, legacy Sprint and Boost Mobile brands were not part of the breach, the company said, per WSJ. The company said PINs were reset for all prepaid users and it is advising all customers to do the same, per the press release.

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