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Frequently Asked Questions

What will T-Mobile do for customers affected by the data breach?

According to the company, the vulnerability that allowed the data to be accessed has been fixed. T-Mobile says it has begun sending communications to those affected by the breach. A dedicated page on T-Mobile’s site has also been set up to provide more information and allow people to sign up for free identity theft protection services.

How much money can I get from the T-Mobile data breach settlement?

Millions of T-Mobile customers are eligible for up to $100. You could be eligible to claim up to $100 from T-Mobile's data breach settlement. But the deadline is quickly approaching.

Who was behind the T-Mobile data breach?

The hacker known as John Binns is claiming responsibility for a massive data breach that affected T-Mobile customers. Binns, who goes by the aliases IRDev and v0rtex, claims to have stolen customer data from the telecom company. He claims that he attacked his home in Izmir, Turkey, where his father was killed when he was just two.

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