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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a synthetic test with Datadog?

If you haven’t already, create a Datadog account. To set up your first Synthetic test with Datadog, choose from the following options: Create an API test to start monitoring your API endpoints’ uptime. Create a multistep API test to link several HTTP requests and start monitoring key workflows at the API level.

What can synthetic monitoring do for You?

With the addition of Synthetic Monitoring, Datadog can carry out periodic checks of your web applications and endpoints, whether or not actual users are currently accessing those resources.

Who can use the synthetic monitoring UI?

Anyone in your organization can use the Datadog Synthetic Monitoring UI to record their own multistep tests in minutes. Browser tests help validate that users can complete important actions and allow you to observe what your users are seeing as they interact with your applications.

What can Datadog do for You?

By unifying Synthetic Monitoring with the rest of your metrics, traces, and logs, Datadog allows you to observe how all your systems are performing as experienced by your users.

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