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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do diabetics have swollen feet?

Diabetes can cause swollen feet if your blood sugar is too high. It can damage the small blood vessels in your lower extremities, and lead to poor circulation and swelling. There are ways to ...

How to look after your feet if you have diabetes?

You should have your feet checked as part of your annual diabetes review. You may be eligible for an NHS podiatrist if you have diabetes and symptoms affecting your feet such as numbness. Ask your GP for a referral or find a local podiatrist. Keep your feet clean and free from infection. Wear shoes that fit well and don't squeeze or rub.

What causes swelling with diabetes?

Swelling in people with diabetes is usually due to factors associated with diabetes, such as: In rare cases, edema may be due to an increased tendency to have leaky capillaries or sometimes from taking large amounts of insulin. Diabetes is a condition where the body doesn’t produce any or enough insulin.

Does diabetes cause swollen feet?

With diabetes, swollen feet are common due to compromised circulation to the feet. Your blood circulation may become affected due to a condition called peripheral vascular disease. The condition leads to the narrowing of your arteries, which in turn restricts blood circulation to the lower part of the feet and the legs.

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