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Frequently Asked Questions

What is delirium and is it dangerous?

Delirium is a neurological (nervous system) condition where a person becomes suddenly confused. They may see hallucinations, such as ants crawling on walls, or become delusional, believing others are out to get them for no reason. Delirium is dangerous.

Why is delirium mistaken for dementia?

This usually leads to a period of inattention or distraction, making the individual unable to focus on tasks. While dementia also features a poor level of focus and concentration, the difference is that delirium's lack of focus stems from rapidly processed thoughts, rather than the stifled ability to conduct thought. Why The Difference Matters

Can you cure delirium?

Treatment. The first goal of treatment for delirium is to address any underlying causes or triggers — for example, by stopping use of a particular medication, addressing metabolic imbalances or treating an infection. Treatment then focuses on creating the best environment for healing the body and calming the brain.

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