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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sustainable Swap challenge?

What is the Sustainable Swap Challenge? The concept is simple: there are 50 swaps ranging from basics (like reusable bottles and napkins) to big impact changes (like switching to socially responsible investment funds or saving your money in an ethical bank).

What is the mini Swap challenge?

The goal of this mini swap challenge is to create an approachable way to get into low-waste living and so I will be breaking everything down into digestible pieces, organizing it in a streamlined way, and providing plenty of tips & tricks along the way.

What is day 7 of the sustainable fashion challenge?

We’re almost at the end of the challenge! Day 7 is all about clothing and laundry. I’ve dedicated a lot of my site to talking about sustainable fashion so I won’t go too much into that. If you want to learn more about this topic, start with What is Sustainable Fashion and What is Ethical Fashion.

What is the best zero waste alternative to tampons?

→ Saalt Menstrual Cup: This is a great zero waste alternative to tampons! Menstrual cups can also be worn up to 12 hours (instead of the recommended 8 for tampons), have more capacity than tampons, and have a number of other benefits.

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