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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainable health system?

Sustainable healthcare. Our healthcare system treats people individually and problems in isolation: a person separate from their family or social group, a bad back in isolation from the cause, a sore belly in isolation from a sore heart. The group and interdependent nature of health is critical to sustainability.

What is sustainable health care?

Sustainable Healthcare for All. We Believe in Contributing to a Healthier World. Sustainable health care is what drives Adelante Healthcare. As the guiding principle behind everything we do, it focuses on: Sustaining your health. Sustaining the availability of health care for others in the community.

What is “sustainability” in healthcare?

By definition, sustainability aims to promote healthy, viable, and equitable communities. In the same way the healthcare industry promotes healthy behaviors such as eating right and exercising; it should encourage environmental stewardship since the health of our environment affects public health.

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