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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to build sustainable cities?

10 ways to build more sustainable cities Reprogramming Space. In growing cities, the need for infrastructure can quickly outpace our ability to build it. ... An Internet of Pipes. ... Twitter for Trees. ... Augmented Humans. ... Co-heating, Co-cooling, CO2 Capture. ... Sharing Spare Capacity. ... Mobility on Demand. ... Infrastructure for Social Integration. ... Smart Street Poles. ... Vertical Vegetables. ...

What does Sustainable Cities Mean?

Sustainable cities are cities that are actively working toward sustainability. Major factors of sustainable cities are, but not limited to water, air pollution, energy, and waste. Imagine a city designed and planned so well that there was never any traffic or pollution.

How can we make cities more sustainable?

The first way to make a city more sustainable is to asses its contribution through its value chain or value proposition to society. A value chain for a city may be Government, Housing, Work Opportunities, Transportation, and Community.

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