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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most sustainable cities?

The most sustainable cities. The Swiss city of Zurich tops the ranking. It tops the environmental dimension, and is 5th in the economic pillar, but scores less well in the social dimension. The report highlights affordability and work-life balance as the main reasons for this. Singapore, the city-state, takes second place, while Stockholm,...

What did the European Conference on sustainable cities&towns achieve?

Under the title ‘Transformative action: the potential for Europe’, the eighth edition of the European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns explored the need for action by local governments to change unsustainable pathways and shape Europe’s future.

Which are Europe's most eco-friendly capital cities?

A new study from comparethemarkethas ranked 25 of Europe’s capitals on 10 green factors to reveal the continent’s most eco-friendly capital cities: Europe’s Top 10 Greenest Capitals: Vienna, Austria Bern, Switzerland Helsinki, Finland Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, Denmark Amsterdam, Netherlands Oslo, Norway

What are the pillars of sustainable cities?

Planet (environmental): This pillar examines areas including energy consumption, renewable energy share, and green spaces. Profit (economic): The economic pillar looks at environment and economic health of the city. Sub-pillars include ease of doing business, GDP per capita and connectivity. The Swiss city of Zurich tops the ranking.

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