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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of paperless business?

Paperless business is a sound and important environmental practice, but it also contributes to better, more efficient business operations. Companies are increasingly turning to paperless office principles and for very good reasons.

What is a paperless environment?

A paperless environment represents one way that companies can be more efficient with their resources. By “paperless,” we mean that all documentation, files and records go into a digital format.

How much difference does going paperless make to sustainability goals?

You might wonder how much of a real difference going paperless makes to sustainability goals, so we found some UK statistics that make for interesting reading: Over 40% of wood pulp goes to the production of paper. Out of every 10,000 sheets of paper, 6800 are considered to be wasted.

What is a sustainable workplace?

Why Be Sustainable? Being a sustainable workplace has multiple benefits, and any type of business can reap the rewards. For starters, employees are more productive in a healthy and sustainable work environment. The more productive your workers, the higher your office efficiency gets.

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