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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainability of evidence-based practice?

Sustainability of evidence-based practice is a vital consideration to maintain or increase improvements in the provision of quality health care and patient outcomes and to avoid erosion or decay of a practice.

What makes EBP successful in organizations?

This study validated and emphasized that in order for EBP to be successful in the organization, a grassroots initiative with concerted strategies and administrative buy in and support at all levels would be essential (1).

What is evidence-based practice (EBP)?

The paper will also describe the process for developing and implementing the competency across our department including outcomes achieved. Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been promulgated in an effort to implement a systematic approach to improve clinical decision-making based on the best data (1).

Are evidence-based interventions sustainable?

Research on the sustainability of evidence-based interventions has been growing rapidly. Sustainability has been defined as the continued use of program components at sufficient inte … The Sustainability of Evidence-Based Interventions and Practices in Public Health and Health Care Annu Rev Public Health.

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