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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CLT a sustainable material?

As it is available readily manufactured from sustainably managed forests as well as its long-term storage of the carbon absorbed by the sustainably grown trees, the production of CLT results in substantially fewer greenhouse gas emissions than many non-wood materials.

What are the benefits of using CLT?

Being wood, CLT has the possibility of being reused or recycled upon demolition.This makes using CLT in comparison to other building materials such as concrete or steel (which are carbon intensive in their formation) environmentally friendly. 4 CLT also makes use of those small trees which enable forest fires, and also unwanted standing wood.

How do you measure the sustainability of CLT?

Given that spiel, the ‘sustainability of CLT’ cannot be measured in how popular the building material becomes. Instead, it must be measured according to the diligence and ethical environmental responsibility of foresters, loggers, companies, governments, communities, and individuals.

What is CLT timber?

What is CLT? Cross laminated timber (CLT) is produced from softwood timber, that is made up of sections that are laid across each other at right angles before the finished material is then industrially laminated.

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