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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sustainability mean to Air Products?

At Air Products, Sustainability is a core value; it’s at the heart of what we have done as a business for 80 years. By their very nature, industrial gases and our applications help customers to reduce their energy consumption, lower emissions and boost productivity.

What is climate air&sustainability?

Translating knowledge of emissions and air quality into solutions for environmental issues: this is the area of expertise of Climate, Air & Sustainability (CAS). In doing so, we take into account economic, social and technological developments. In addition, we consider the impact on energy supply, industrial production and mobility.

What is in our sustainability report?

In this Sustainability Report, we share with you the actions we are taking to fulfill the world’s need for clean, sustainable energy, along with our higher purpose to improve sustainability in our businesses, with our customers, and for our employees, communities and the world.

What is the higher purpose of airair products?

Air Products’ higher purpose is to bring people together to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges. We live our purpose through our business strategy and our efforts to protect the environment and care for our stakeholders.

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