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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roles and responsibilities of a sustainability manager?

MAIN TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES | Generally include leading the creation and implementation of a sustainability or CSR strategy; leading and managing the preparation of sustainability reports; developing key performance metrics and targets on corporate responsibility and monitoring them;

What does a sustainability analyst do?

From an entry-level to a senior-level, it depends on the criteria of the organization and the type of tasks associated with it. Just like business analysts, sustainability analysts do a similar job only they’re more focused on the CSR or sustainability of operations.

What types of jobs can we recruit for sustainable building?

We recruit across market verticals including energy management, sustainable design, climate change, corporate sustainability, CSR, responsible investment, renewables, electric vehicles and energy storage. Sustainable building recruitment working in Energy Management & Sustainable Design. Read more.

Is there such a thing as a sustainability job?

Apart from the sustainability jobs we are about to mention, it’s crucial to bear in mind that sometimes we don’t have to look for a 100% sustainability focused job. The fact is that sustainability, more than a role or something specific, is a mindset and a way of living.

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