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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Merck assess sustainability performance?

To assess and further improve our sustainability performance, we also use the results of external ratings and rankings. The joint Sustainability Hub research platform by Merck and the Technical University of Darmstadt will support work on forward-looking sustainability projects in the coming years.

How are you helping us to achieve the SDGs?

Our new, interactive SDG tool shows how our scientific research and business activities are helping to achieve the SDGs and their individual targets. The year 2020 taught us a great deal. We must be agile and develop new ideas – driven by strong values and a belief in the positive force of science and technology.

What is sustainability and why is it important?

Sustainability is a vital element of our business and a responsibility we want to fulfill every day. Through our innovation power, we strive to create long-term value for society: By fostering human progress for more than one billion people, achieving climate neutrality by 2040 and reducing our resource consumption.

Why is a healthy planet important to your business?

A healthy planet is essential to human health and the sustainability of our business. Our reputation, and the trust that our stakeholders place in us, depends on how we conduct ourselves as a business.

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