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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of sustainability?

Sustainability Goals. The county’s Sustainability Action Plan identifies seven goals, which include promoting a healthy economy, environment and community; energy and water reduction and efficiency; and reducing waste and promoting recycling. Each of these goals is supported by objectives and implementable actions.

What are sustainability objectives?

Classic objectives are revenues, market shares, profits and profitability. In a sustainability view, a company could be trying to increase their revenues and also increase the sales of more sustainable products. Customer satisfaction is another aspect of economic objectives. The more satisfied a customer is the more likely they will repurchase.

What is a goal of a sustainable environment?

These global goals can be summarized as follows: Eradicate poverty and hunger. Provide clean water and clean sanitation. People have access to quality education. People can enjoy good health and well-being. Achieve gender equality and reduce different discrimination. Accomplish various partnerships to achieve the goals. Develop the economy and secure decent work. More items...

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