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Frequently Asked Questions

Can labelling promote sustainability in food?

The development and use of sustainability labelling has the potential to play a role in moving towards sustainable and healthy food systems and a sustainable future, as outlined in the aims of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The reach of food labelling is considerable and could increase public awareness of how food is produced and consumed.

Do we really need easy-to-read health and sustainability labels?

Presently, there is a fair amount of consumer confusion around health and sustainability labels like ‘organic,’ ‘fair-trade’ and ‘locally produced.’ An easy-to-read label would offer the every-increasing volume of eco-conscious consumers to quickly compare the sustainability of the food products within and across groups.

What are the challenges of eco-labeling?

The state and consumer confidence in eco-labeling: organic labeling in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. A major challenge with sustainability labelling of food products is the complexity of the sustainability concept itself, as well as the food system within which it operates.

What is sustainability in food?

Sustainability is multifaceted and sustainable food systems represent not only environmental factors (ecology), but are also sensitive to the health of the population today and in the future (nutrition, food security), and society as a whole (ethics and social welfare).

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