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Frequently Asked Questions

Does sustainable food taste better?

In certain instances, sustainable foods surely taste better. Anyone who has compared an imported plum (organic or not) to one picked from a local tree can attest to that. But, there are other times where (to my taste buds) the difference is harder to detect.

What are sustainable food practices?

The Center's sustainable practices include: Composting all food waste. Purchasing organic produce from Lane's Learning Garden and other local farms. Using only reusable china, silverware, and glassware for on-site events. Providing recycling for paper and cans and bottles at every waste collection area.

What brands of food are vegan?

Vegenaise brand makes several vegan mayonnaise options. Spectrum brand makes a vegan shortening alternative, that is non-hydrogenated. Soy-Delicious brand makes coconut and soy-based yogurt, as well as coconut and soy-based creamer & ice-cream. Silk brand also makes soy-based yogurt, creamer and a fruit & protein drink.

Are food trucks sustainable?

Most food trucks don’t possess a deep understanding about sustainability. A sustainable food truck is one whose purpose and actions are equally grounded in financial, environmental and social concerns. But unfortunately, the road to sustainability for most businesses is not easy.

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