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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainability and why is it important?

Sustainability is important because it ensures people have water and resources, and adopting its practices protects the environment and human health. The doctrine of sustainability aims to maintain the conditions in which nature and humans can survive by appropriately utilizing the natural components of the environment.

What are the key concepts of sustainability?

In addition to the 7 Key Concepts are the THREE PILLARS OF SUSTAINABILITY. These are: economic, social and environmental 'pillars', which underlie the whole approach to sustainable development. The idea of there being 3 PILLARS has been adopted into UK planning policy.

What does sustainability mean to you?

The definition of “sustainability” is the study of how natural systems function, remain diverse and produce everything it needs for the ecology to remain in balance. It also acknowledges that human civilisation takes resources to sustain our modern way of life (1).

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