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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some careers in sustainability?

Careers in sustainability (also known as "green" careers/jobs) are found in such varied fields as environmental protection and remediation, waste reduction, green building, sustainable agriculture, climate change, and renewable energy and energy efficiency.

What are sustainability jobs?

Sustainability jobs are plentiful within the world of engineering, and you can find sustainable engineers working in a vast variety of locales because of the dynamic nature of their work. They work in corporate offices, seminars, and outdoor worksites, among other destinations.

What are some green jobs?

A green job can be with business, nonprofit organizations, government or education. Small business, self-employment and entrepreneurship is very much a part of the new green economy. Some green jobs require specific ‘green’ skills or education, such as a solar engineer, an environmental educator, or an organic gardener.

What is the job of sustainability?

A job in sustainability encompasses the concept of stewardship—the responsible management of resources. Sustainability professionals seek to improve an organization's environmental, social, and economic impact. Some have specific titles such as sustainability manager and director of corporate responsibility.

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