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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sustain mean in legal terms?

Sustain Law and Legal Definition. Sustain is a term that is subject to different definitions, but in the context of trial practice, it refers to a judge agreeing that an attorney's objection is valid.

What is another word for sustain?

Another word for sustain. sustain. v. bear, support, bear on the shoulder, carry on the back, hold up, support the weight of, keep from falling, keep from sinking, convey, transport, transfer, put a shoulder under, pack*, tote*, lug*. Antonyms abandon*, drop, desert.

What is the adverb for sustain?

What is the adverb for sustain? So as to sustain or offer sustenance. In a way that is sustained, or that continues. "The efficiency and cost transparency in the production can be enhanced sustainedly with less capital expenditure." "Some patients cannot imagine vividly or sustainedly enough for therapy to take hold."

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