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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustained dance?

Sustained: the use of this word in the dance field usually refers to its meaning inside the frame of Rudolph Laban’s effort-shape theory. ‘Sustained’ is an effort quality that can be applied to the execution of the main factor ‘TIME’ (see the definition of ‘Dynamics’ above to expand).

What does sustain mean in music?

noun Definition of sustain (Entry 2 of 2) : a musical effect that prolongs a note's resonance utilizing heavy sustain on his guitar — Bill Dahl Other Words from sustain Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About sustain

What is the synonym of sustain?

SEE SYNONYMS FOR sustain ON THESAURUS.COM. to support, hold, or bear up from below; bear the weight of, as a structure. to bear (a burden, charge, etc.). to undergo, experience, or suffer (injury, loss, etc.); endure without giving way or yielding.

What is the meaning of sustained?

6 : to allow or uphold as true, legal, or fair The judge sustained the motion to dismiss the case. Which of the following animals has a dog in its etymology? Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Love words? Need even more definitions?

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