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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the temporal arteries located?

The anterior deep temporal artery and its partner are located between the pericranium (a membrane that covers the outer surface of the skull) and the temporal muscles, which fan out across each side of the head. The two deep temporal arteries connect with the middle temporal artery, and together these supply muscles with blood.

What does temporal artery mean?

temporal artery noun. any of the three arteries on either side of the brain supplying the cortex of the temporal lobe.

Where is the temporal artery palpated?

Temporal pulse - The temporal pulse (i.e., superficial temporal artery) is palpated on the temple directly in front of the ear with the index finger. Click to see full answer.

Is temporal arteritis painful?

The first symptom of temporal arteritis is pain. This will be present in different ways. Sometimes, it may just be a slight nuisance. In others, we may notice a slight sensitivity. However, these may be subtle warnings of the beginning of this disease. Headache: Because arteritis damages the scalp vessels, pain in the head may occur.

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