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Frequently Asked Questions

When did supersuperbob come out?

SuperBob is a British 2015 low-budget comedy film about a Peckham postman who develops superpowers after having been hit by a meteorite. The film premiered in London on 16 October 2015, after having first been shown at the London Comedy Film Festival in January 2015 and the San Diego Film Festival in early October 2015.

Who is SuperBob Kenner?

Robert Kenner is a lonely man looking for love. Today, if he can actually get his boss to give him some time off, he is going on his first date for 6 years. Oh, and he is also the world's only SuperHero. Watch SuperBob | Prime Video

Is SuperBob a 'normal guy'?

6 years later, Bob's boss Theresa Ford authorizes the creation of a documentary to show the public that SuperBob is a 'normal guy', as SuperBob's popularity is mixed with common complaints including his simplistic personality and him needing the people he rescues to sign several forms for the MOD.

Who is the director of SuperBob the bounty hunter?

Based on an idea by director Jon Drever, the film quickly became a joint project between Drever, writer William Bridges and comedian Brett Goldstein, who stars as SuperBob and also co-wrote the script.

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