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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super clone app?

Just one click to clone for whatsapp, instagram, facebook, clash and other games, customize their label and icon to identify, protect with privacy locker and fast switch between accounts with one tap. Super Clone is the most compatible with instant message apps, game apps and social apps.

What is APKPure Super clone pro?

Using APKPure App to upgrade Super Clone Pro, fast, free and save your internet data. Super Clone Pro helps clone up to 9 multiple parallel account for social & game apps and keep online simultaneously on one phone to separate work and life.

Why do I need to download the clone app?

By downloading the Clone App, you will also be able to use more than one account in games, which can favor players who like to share items between their accounts, allowing you to switch between them in a much faster and smarter way. Clone App also offers an integrated VPN feature.

What is the clone app for WhatsApp?

In addition to managing WhatsApp accounts, the Clone App adds features to the messenger that are only available in alternative versions. You can also change how the system displays icons for your apps, bringing more privacy to your device and inhibiting onlookers’ action.

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