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Frequently Asked Questions

What is summertime Saga?

Summertime Saga is an adult orientated high quality dating sim game, currently in development and funded wholly by Patreon backers.

How many routes are there in summertime Saga?

Each of the twelve routes currently available in Summertime Saga benefits from an easy‐to‐follow walkthrough from the start. The other characters in the game will also have their own routes later, which will be added in stages according to future votes of the community. The next new route announced is dedicated to the main story.

How many events can you do in summertime Saga?

The development of Summertime Saga isn't linear; you can visit different parts of the city in whatever order you choose and interact with loads of different characters. You can complete up to three events each day before you must go to sleep and rest for the next day.

How can I improve my character in summertime Saga?

For example, competing in rap battles with your classmates will improve your charisma, and training at the gym with friends will improve your physical attributes. Like most 'visual novels,' you can start romantic relationships with many different characters in Summertime Saga.

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