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Frequently Asked Questions

What not to wear to a wedding?

Rule number one: Don't ever, ever wear white to a wedding. You should also avoid wearing white to prewedding festivities, like the engagement party, shower or rehearsal dinner. The only exception to this rule is if there's an all-white dress code for one of the celebrations.

What is the proper attire for a day wedding?

What to Wear for Men. When in doubt, men should wear a suit and a tie to a day wedding. However, if the wedding is informal, a dress shirt, pants, and a sports coat are appropriate. Casual weddings require a dress shirt and pants, and a sports coat is still a good idea. Formal day weddings require a dark suit and tie .

What do you wear to a wedding?

This is the most formal of all wedding dress codes (think state dinners and the Oscars). He should wear: A tuxedo, a long black jacket with tails, a white pique vest and a bow tie. Formal black shoes and even white gloves for dancing are appropriate.

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