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Frequently Asked Questions

How many subway lines in NYC?

Featuring 24 lines, 468 stations, and more than 800 total miles of track, the NY subway system is the cheapest and most convenient way for NYC tourists to explore New York.

Which US cities have subways?

The Shanghai Metro is the longest metro system by route length. The Beijing Subway is the metro system with the highest ridership. The New York City Subway has the most stations. The London Underground is the oldest metro system.

What is the deepest subway station in NYC?

The deepest station on the network is 191 St (Lines 1/9) which lies 60 m below street level. The New York City Subway operates around the clock, about every 4 min during rush hours (06:30-09:30 and 15:30-20:00) and every 20 min after midnight.

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