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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free subway map for New York City?

With over 10 million downloads worldwide this NYC subway map is free to download and will help you navigate around New York using the subway system. • Official MTA map of the New York Subway. • Including all 5 NYC boroughs - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

How many subway lines are there in NYC?

Maps by subway line 1 C train (8 Avenue local) 2 D train (6 Avenue express) 3 E train (8 Avenue local) 4 F train (6 Avenue local) 5 G train (Brooklyn-Queens crosstown local) 6 J train (Nassau Street express) 7 L train (14 Street-Canarsie local) 8 M train (Queens Boulevard local/6 Avenue local/Myrtle Avenue local) 9 N train (Broadway express)

How do I get updates to the NYC subway map?

Updates to the subway map are provided by the MTA on a real-time basis. This is the official NYC subway map and we decided to use the official MTA map as the onus is on them to keep it updated as they are the provider of the service.

What are the different types of subway maps?

The standard subway map with larger labels and station names. A map of the Bronx bus routes. The regular service Manhattan bus map. A map of the Queens bus routes.

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