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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the K-129 collide with an American submarine?

"There is just one version - that (K-129) collided with an American submarine," he said in televised comments. Russian doubts about the U.S. explanation of the K-129's fate re-emerged in 2000 with the sinking of the nuclear submarine Kursk. Many military officials suspected that the Kursk collided with an American or British submarine.

What is a K-129?

The K-129 was a Project 629A ( NATO reporting name Golf II) diesel-electric powered submarine that served in the Soviet Navy 's Pacific Fleet – one of six Project 629 strategic ballistic missile submarines attached to the 15th Submarine Squadron based at Rybachiy Naval Base, Kamchatka, commanded by Rear Admiral Rudolf A. Golosov.

Is the taking of K-129 a true story?

Josh Dean's new book, The Taking of K-129, tells the true story of Project Azorian, a secret CIA mission to lift the submarine from a depth of more than 3 miles into a custom-built ship called the Hughes Glomar Explorer. "There had been no salvage of a submarine below 1,000 feet at that point," Dean says. " ...

What really happened to the Russian K-129?

Russian officials long have suspected that the K-129 was struck by an American submarine, the USS Swordfish. But the U.S. Navy says the vessel suffered a catastrophic internal explosion.

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