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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with a garden window?

A window garden is a good way to garden in urban environments or in areas where winters are too cold to allow outdoor gardening. Window gardens are good for plants, flowers and herbs. Window gardens can be made with pots on your windowsill, pots on a shelf or baskets and pots hanging in front of the window.

What is the size of a garden window?

Common garden window sizes range from minimum of 36 by 36 inches and a maximum of 72 by 60 inches. Natural light enters your room through multiple panels that extend 16 to 24 inches outwards from your garden window. Find Window Experts Fast.

What is kitchen garden window?

Kitchen Garden Window. This kitchen was formerly a dark paneled, cluttered, divided space with little natural light. By eliminating partitions and creating a more functional, open floorplan, as well as adding modern windows with traditional detailing, providing lovingly detailed built-ins for the clients extensive collection of beautiful dishes,...

What is a shed window?

SHED WINDOWS. These shed windows will be the focal point of your storage shed project. All of these windows feature heavy duty aluminum frames and are available in brown or white and with flush mounting flange or J-lap mounting flange. If you are installing metal or vinyl siding you should go with the J-lap flange.

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