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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Steel for building farm sheds?

There are many reasons why steel has become the most affordable option when building farm sheds. The prices, when compared to other materials, is often cheaper, especially when taking into consideration that the steel offers the kind of strength you won’t find with any other material. These are the financial reasons why steel is the way to go:

What are the sheds made of?

The sheds panels and frame are made from galvanized steel. Due to the material selection virtually no maintenance is required compared to the conventional wooden sheds. Delivery and installation in 10 working days or less

What is a steel building for agricultural use?

In general, steel buildings for agricultural uses take the form of barns and storage places, but they can be used for just about any reason. Our approach to the project is the key to the success of the build. We work closely with our clients to be certain that we are able to provide the kind of building they expect.

Why are garden sheds sold in kit-from?

Being sold in kit-from also makes it possible for customers, who wish to do so, to assemble their shed themselves. With so many garden sheds available on the market today, it might seem difficult to choose the correct one for your needs.

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