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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload a mod to Steam Workshop?

Wait a bit (could be anywhere from a couple seconds to a minute) and it should all fill in with your mod's information. Leave it all the way it is and then click "Upload". Once it's done uploading, switch over to Steam and check your Workshop files. If it worked correctly, you should be able to look at your mod and see the lastest update notes.

How do I check if my mods have been updated?

You can also go under the mod section in the Main menu and look at all your mods from 1.0 and see if they updated. I get to my workshop items specifically for rimworld through the Rimworld Workshop page, on the right under Your Workshop files it does a drop down, I select "Subscribed Items"

How do I delete mods from steam?

Open your file manager. You'll have to use the file manager to find your games in the Steam library and manually delete the files that contain the mods you don't want. If you are using the Steam computer client, click Library > Games then right-click the game from the list in the menu on the left side of the screen and click Properties.

How do I unsubscribe from Steam Workshop?

Hover your mouse over Subscribed and click Unsubscribe. When you hover your mouse over the "Subscribed" button, you'll see it change to "Unsubscribe." The mod has been removed from your Steam Workshop, so Steam will not download the mod again after you delete it. However, it has not yet been removed from your game. Open your file manager.

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