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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restart my steam deck?

Restart your Steam Deck (from the Software Updates section or via Steam > Power > Restart). Make sure that any third party applications that you have installed via Desktop Mode are exited or disabled and retest your issue. If your Steam Deck is powered on but unresponsive, you can force a restart by holding the power button down for three seconds.

How to fix “can't sign in” error when logging in to steam?

If you keep on getting the “can’t sign in” error when logging in to Steam, the next good thing that you can do is to try and disable your firewall. Here’s how: Click on the Start button or press the Windows key on your keyboard. Type in “ control panel ” and select Control Panel to open it.

How do I get a steam log?

In the steam client Library right click the game you want to have log for. Select properties in the popup. Press "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS". The log will be written to your home directory. Name starts with "steam-" followed by a number and .log How do you get monero into an external wallet? Interested in gaining a new perspective on things?

Why is my steam deck unresponsive?

If it remains unresponsive, there may be an OS-level issue. In this case, try holding the power button down for a full 10 seconds. If it's your first time using your Steam Deck, you'll need to plug it in for a short time using the provided power supply in order to wake it from the battery-saving shipment mode.

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