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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SSP stand for in Telecom?

SSP stands for Shared Service Provider (telecommunications)

What does SSP stand for in health?

ssp. subspecies. Medicine, Healing, Treatment. SSP. supersensitivity perception. Medicine, Hospital, Health. Medical, Medicine, Healing. Medical, Medicine, Hospital. Medical, Medicine, Hospital.

What does SSP stand for for Social Security?

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income and is a federal welfare program for the elderly, blind, and disabled. It falls under Title XVI of the Social Security Act.

What does SSP stand for in device?

SSP stands for security services processor. These range in processing power by a factor of 10, from SSP-10 SSP-20, SSP-40 and SSP-60. The ASA 5585-X has a slot for an I/O module.

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