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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ssd1306 OLED display?

The SSD1306 may be small, only 0.96 inch on the diagonal, but it is much more useful and only SCL and SDA have to be connected. This OLED (organic light-emitting diode) device is a very clear, inexpensive mono digital display and is a very useful addition to an Arduino user’s collection of parts.

What's new in ssd1306 for progmem?

Added define SSD1306_NO_SPLASH to opt-out of including splash images in PROGMEM and drawing to display during begin. new #defines for SSD1306_BLACK, SSD1306_WHITE and SSD1306_INVERSE that match existing #define naming scheme and won't conflict with common color names

What power supply do I need to power a ssd1306?

The electric diagram can be seen below at figure 2. We are using the ESP32 pins 21 and 22 as I2C SDA and SCL, respectively. Since the SSD1306 can operate at 3.3 V, we can use the the 3.3 V supply pin that most ESP32 boards have to power the display.

Is it possible to use ssd1306 with Arduino?

Ok, my SSD1306 that I was using was from Ebay. Configured for I2C and with separate CS, DC, RES pins as well as SDA/SCK. I tried it with Adafruit Library on Arduino. Verified the hardware. I built the OP's C code. Which does not really do anything much. The OP has already verified his hardware with an Arduino library.

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