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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rs117?

The RS117 offers a new standard for budget-conscious kayak anglers, providing them an affordable opportunity to RISE up into a premium, authentically-designed fishing kayak that’s made in the USA!

Is the Bonafide rs117 worth the excitement?

The RS117 is worth all the excitement. Bonafide Kayaks premiered in 2017 with their do-it-all SS127 and SS107. A year later, Bonafide added the value-focused RS117. Luther Cifers, president of Bonafide, explained, “We need to be competitive with the box-store kayaks.”

How does the rs117 stay planted?

Like the rest of the Bonafide family, the RS117 is built on a hybrid catamaran hull. Bonafide dialled in the design with the SS127 and SS107 and transferred their experience to the RS117. The result is a boat almost incapable of flipping over. Lean to one side, stand backwards, move from bow to stern and the RS117 stays planted.

What makes the rs117 the best value for kayak fishing?

From bow to stern, a wide array of features such as YakAttack MightyMount XL track, centralized storage pod, Shield Frontwell Cover with integrated Paddle Pouch, and forward transducer friendly scupper, make the RS117 one of the most fully featured values in kayak fishing. Getting on the water is easier with the RS117.

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