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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bonafide SS127?

That’s because the Bonafide SS127 is the brainchild of a kayak fisherman. Luther Cifers is the owner and lead designer at YakAttack kayak accessories. But before he started the company that has brought so many iconic gadgets and doohickeys to paddle and pedal anglers, Cifers was a kayak fisherman.

What kind of kayak is the SS127?

The SS127 is one of those. It's the longer, 12'7\" in the \"Sit-Stand\" series from Bonafide. This kayak is built from the ground up and manufactured in the USA.

Does the SS127 have a HiRISE seat?

One of the most talked about features of the SS127 is the HiRise seat compared to other makes and models. Many anglers report that this kayak has one of the best overall seating designs in the industry thanks to the hard work of the engineers at Bonafide.

How many colors does the SS127 come in?

Available in 4 colors (Cool Hand Blue, Top Gun Grey, True Grit Sand, and Hondo Orange) the SS127 is packed with a ton of features that will accommodate any angler for a fun day out on the water. Key features and benefits:

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