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Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of springsharp do I need to download?

The next beta release of SpringSharp 3.0 has been uploaded. This is the first release that requires .Net Framework 2.0. You may need to download this unless you use Vista or another program that required it.

What are the limitations of springspringsharp?

SpringSharp has some serious limitations: it basically uses Holtrop & Mennen for its power estimates, and H&M is, in essence, an empirical fit to data which will be increasingly inaccurate outside of the range of the data used to generate it.

How does sharpsharpspring work?

SharpSpring tracks customers even before you know their name. We connect the dots and tell you where they’ve been. You can then build powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests.

Does springsharp understand the concept of “broadside”?

Talk (0) SpringSharp does not understand the concept of “broadside”. If you have 4 casemate guns on each side, firing 100kg shells, your “Broadside weight” will be shown as 800kg. Correctly, the broadside weight is actually only 400kg. Contents 1Gun Types 2Mount Types 3Gun Location 3.1Barrels per Mount 3.2Mount Height 3.2.1Above Deck

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