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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sportsurge safe?

Sportsurge is Safe. Some popads will inject malware into your PC or smartphone once you click the ads, and all your important privacy such as social account or bank credentials will be at risk. On Sportsurge platform there is no ads so your device will be risk free.

Is live streaming sports legal?

However, as there are no judicial decisions on the matter of temporarily storing data, the legal position of live streaming sports events remains unclear. In contrast, the use of P2P broadcasting services for streaming sports is illegal.

Where can I watch basketball games for free?

You can watch free NBA games in high definition after signing up for the NBA League Pass membership. Overall, the NBA League Pass is a well-known product that has been adopted and used by consumers for more than ten years with very little modification. Sportlemon Sportlemon is an NBA streaming service that is free of advertisements.

Is sports surge safe?

Sportsurge is safe. Once you click on the popups, some popads will inject malware into your computer or smartphone, and all your personal information, such as your social account or bank credentials, will be at risk. Since there are no ads on the Sportsurge platform, your device is completely risk-free. Sportsurge is legal.

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