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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say grandfather in Spanish?

The formal word for grandfather (in all varieties of Spanish) is “abuelo” (and “abuela” for grandmother). Abuelo is grandfather while abue is grandpa.

What is the Spanish word for father?

The Spanish word for Father is “Padre”. There are several ways you can say this word, “Papá, Papito, Padrecito” informally. “Progenitor” is the only more-formal way to say it that comes to my mind.

What is father in Spanish?

Father in Spanish = Padre. Father in Spanish is typically the more common way to say father in Spanish. In the majority of sentences you will need to use the word dad or father in Spanish, you will probably want to sue Padre. Papá is typically used for talking about your dad in a more personal way…if that makes sense.

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