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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Spanish food recipes?

The main ingredients of Spanish cuisine are: Saffron, mild and sweet or hot and spicy pimenton, olive oil, Sherry vinegar, rice, pulses, bay, thyme, rosemary, fresh fruits and vegetables, piquillo peppers, garlic, capers, pickles, hams, cured meats, canned tuna, salted anchovies, cheeses, meats, fish and poultry.

What foods are Spanish?

Beans and legumes are a staple of Spanish food, particularly in stews. You might not think of chickpeas when you think of Spanish food but chickpeas are an important ingredient in many Spanish dishes. In the winter, it is common to make stews with chorizo, sausages, vegetables and chickpeas.

What is a typical Spanish food?

Another great typical Spanish food is tortilla española, an omelette-like potato dish fried in olive oil and served as a tapa. It is a filling and flavorful dish (with the addition of chopped onions) and is often sliced and served both warm and cold.

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