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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Spanish words for food?

Spanish Food Words: 1 Cereal ➔ Cereal 2 Espaguetis ➔ Spaghetti 3 Frambuesa ➔ Raspberry 4 Fresa ➔ Strawberry 5 Maní ➔ Peanut 6 Manzana ➔ Apple 7 Naranja ➔ Orange 8 Patata ➔ Potato 9 Plátano ➔ Banana 10 Sandía ➔ Watermelon More items...

How many Spanish words should a beginner learn?

Put on your learning cap, grab a cup of coffee, and get comfy because we’re about to cover the 1,000 most common Spanish words for beginners! There are nearly a million words in the Spanish language, but luckily you don’t need to memorize them all to speak Spanish.

What is the best way to start speaking Spanish?

Introducing yourself is always one of the best ways to start speaking Spanish! That’s why we included these essential conversation starters into our list of the 1,000 most common Spanish words. soy… — i’m… ¿cómo te llamas? — what is your name? (yo) soy de… — i am from… ¿qué tal? — how are you? (informal) / what’s up? ¿cómo te va? — how ‘s it going?

What are the most common verbs in Spanish for travelers?

Most common Spanish verbs: have, need, want With this list of Spanish verbs, you’ll have a firm foundation for creating sentences in different circumstances. Basic Spanish for travelers is based on these simple words: to have (tener), to want (querer), to need (necesitar).

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