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Frequently Asked Questions

How does live weather radars work?

Weather radar consists of a rotating dish protected by a large white dome; this dish sends pulses of energy (the radar beam) into the atmosphere to detect objects like rain or hail. If the radar beam encounters an object, some of the radiation will bounce off of it and return to the radar site.

What is the average temperature in Spain in November?

jun. - 23 °C. jul. - 26 °C. aug. - 25 °C. sep. - 23 °C. oct. - 19 °C. nov. - 14 °C. dec. - 11 °C. See besides average temperature Spain also: Average Temperature UK.

How does a Doppler radar work to watch weather?

The NWS Doppler radar employs scanning strategies in which the antenna automatically raises to higher and higher preset angles, called elevation slices, as it rotates. These elevation slices comprise a volume coverage pattern (VCP). Once the radar sweeps through all elevation slices a volume scan is complete.

What is the weather like in Spain during October?

There’s different weather across Spain, but popular Benidorm on the Mediterranean coast gives a good idea of the kind of weather you can expect. It has an average high of 23ºC in October, which cools to 14ºC at night. You should bring some warmer clothes to wear in the evenings.

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