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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Sony make?

Consumer products made by Sony include digital and video cameras, auto sound systems, home audio systems, DVD players, Blue-ray disc players and television sets. Sony also makes batteries, optical disk drives and semiconductors. The company has secured a wider reach into consumer homes through its Sony Pictures Television entertainment division.

What is the best Sony TV to buy?

It's a premium TV that can get costly, so if you prefer something cheaper with better value, the Sony X90J is also a good choice. Overall, the X95J is the best Sony TV with an LED panel.

Does Sony still make PS2?

Sony PlayStation 2 Stops Production; How Fans Can Still Buy A PS2. Sony's PlayStation 2 console ceased production in Japan on Friday after more than 12 years, making the video game system’s run longer than some of its competitors, according to Maximum PC, which cited a Japanese website.

Where are Sony products made?

Sony primarily manufacturers its consumer products in Japan, Asia and Europe. Some of its consumer products are made by third-party contractors of unknown location. The company has computer entertainment divisions in the United States and Europe, which develop, produce and market computer game hardware and software.

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