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Frequently Asked Questions

What songs shine light into the darkness?

Here are 7 Songs that Shine Light into the Darkness! 1. Amazing Grace This song was written by a man who was involved in the slave trade long ago. Rev. John Newton broke down and wrote this song that has saved lives since the late 1700s.

What are the best songs to reach the finish line?

Listen to these songs to give you that extra push to reach the finish line. 1. One Moment in Time, Whitney Houston 2. Winning, Santana 3. Watch Me Rise, Mikky Ekko 4. Winner, Pet Shop Boys 5. Back in My Body, Maggie Rogers

What are some of the best songs to listen to?

In order to get through all of life's difficulties, sometimes music can do the trick 1 Not Afraid, 2 Pursuit of Happiness, 3 Elastic Heart, 4 Live your Life, 5 Take a Walk, 6 Superheroes, 7 Skyscraper, 8 You Are Not Alone, 9 The Climb, 10 The Show Goes On, More items...

What is the song about being alone about?

This song about being alone is all about the fear of loneliness. It highlights how people will often stay together to avoid feeling lonely, even though the relationship is unhealthy.

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