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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best software development blogs in 2020?

We believe that it is a must following new trends and innovations in the software world, therefore we prepared a list of our picks with top software development blogs in 2020. 1. Dzone One of the best software development blogs is Dzone. Web, where you will find all necessary information about agile software development.

What are some of the best blogs on computer science?

The Treehouse blog provides valuable content on web development, web design, and startup tips. 16. Software News provides the latest news on the software, software development, software sciences and computer science. 17. Speckyboy

What is the future of the software industry in India?

The software industry is shifting towards cross-platform development and it is expected to dominate the market by 2021. Invest your business resources in cross-platform development, for instance – creating hybrid apps over native apps. Hire developers in India for quality software and mobile app development.

What are the best blogs about software testing?

A blog from Software Testing Specialists. Gallop Solutions is North America's largest Independent Software Testing company with 2000 QA consultants globally & 600 located in USA. Start with an expert advise. 62. Adventures in QA - Daniel Knott 63. @KingaTest the Blog To tell somebody that he is wrong is called criticism.

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