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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a winter storm warning for Monday?

With the combination of snow, ice, and gusty winds, the National Weather Service advises residents to be aware of slippery roads and unsafe conditions that may affect their commute Monday morning, according to their Winter Storm Warning page.

Is there a winter storm on the southeast coast?

A winter storm has buried the Southeast Coast in heavy snow and threatens to leave large parts of the United States covered in ice and snow.

What's the name of the storm in North Carolina?

This storm, named Izzy by the Weather Channel, has already brought up to 12 inches of snow in North Carolina and is expected to bring that same icy fury to the Northeast. At least 80 million people living on the East Coast are under a winter weather watch on Sunday.

How often does a winter storm happen in the US?

Winter storms happen every year, and yet the first one can still catch us by surprise. With the cold weather and snow comes power outages, car accidents, and other problems.

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